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BCR Leasing IFN SA, member of ERSTE Group, is one of the leading companies on the leasing market in Romania, excellent coverage nationwide. It holds an impressive portfolio of clients in all the fields thanks to a team of professionals that meet the highest standards of ethics and quality





     Fanbio.ro is the first portal in Romania which promotes organic products that clean house but also Body and Soul. The products are carefully selected and offer a perfect balance between quality and price. The special services, Fanbio.ro wants to provide those initiated but also to the ones who wish to attain knowledge, a delight for the senses, feelings and emotions.


Austrian owned company that provides professional cleaning services in the office, industrial and residential. Vienna-based parent company has an experience of over 20 years in the Austrian market and the launch in Romania took place at the end of 2013. Innovative products, professional team and quality services offered to its customers, will propel the company into the top operators in Romania. 




Part of the group IMPULS-Leasing International GmbH, Impuls Leasing Romania is the fifth European branch opened in December 2006.The company is in the top three leasing companies in Romania (2013), with a total of eight national branches and over 100 employees. Innovative products, performance management and the flexibility led the company in a very short time on the national podium.




Innovation in Management - chance or failure?

Management involves the management of a group of people who achieve a common goal in accordance with the purpose of the organization to which... [mai mult]

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